Peacocks Tail 2017 Vermentino

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We have spent more than two decades identifying, nurturing and noting individual varieties and vineyards suited to particular blends and varietal wines. Once a vineyard catches our eye there is invariably a period of trial and occasional tribulation, but when the fruit is 'something special' that means we can ready ourselves to vinify and bottle the ensuing wine.

Our Vermentino is a wine that has that something special. Zesty lime/citrus peel, crunchy minerality and quenching acidity. What more can one ask for... other than a Thai Salad or chilled prawns during a leisurely arvo.

This wine not only offers an array of flavour sensations, but a moreish character we strive for in every wine! And yes, it certainly does strut it's Peacocks Tail of Flavours.